August 1, 2009

Just a thought.

I'm a single mom.
There is no need to explain, nor complain.
It's a fact.
Deal with it.

YOUR opinion really doesn't count if:
1) You've had your kid(s) taken away from you.
2) You've abandoned your child(ren).
3) You are or have been dependent on pain medication
(i.e. Valium, Vicodin)
4) You don't have anything going for you (Examples: No job, no education, no future.)

Because if the worst thing that I am is a "fat slut", that'll always be better than whatever you amount to some day. I'm done with your drama and hypocrisy. Grow up. I know that's quite the concept for some people. Maybe instead of focusing on how much I complain about this or that, you should figure out how to pay your bills.

Or manage your money better.
Or become closer to God.
Or write a book.
Or further your education.
Or something productive.

Just a thought.

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